What is an Exile?
An Exile is a Fulham Football Club supporter who has been exiled from his/her homeland either by choice or by necessity

How can I become an Exile?
Just leave the UK and continue supporting Fulham

How do I meet other Exiles?
During matches, Exiles congregate in the chatroom while listening to the official commentary by Gentleman Jim

Any other ways?
Yes. There are always ongoing dialogs at the official Exiles forum at www.ffcexiles.com and on their Facebook group Fulham Exiles

How do I meet other Exiles in the real world?
The real world? If you mean beyond the Internet then every year the Exiles meet in Las Vegas, Nevada and periodically other points throughout the world. Last gig: Las Vegas, Nevada, June 2016. Next gig: Las Vegas, Nevada, June 2017. If FFC make the play-offs Vegas will be replaced by Wembley, London, May 29.

I can't get into the chatroom. What gives?
The chatroom utilizes a pop-up window. You can find pop-up blocker configurations by clicking here.

How do I get into the members only area?
Email members@sexiles.com for a password. (There is a compulsory waiting period)

I have tons of money and don't know what to do with it. Any suggestions?
Send all money (cash, check, money order, etc.) to Tom. He will know what to do with it